rihanna bitch better have my money iheartradio music awards 2015

Rihanna Performs “Bitch Better Have My Money” on iHeartRadio Music Awards 2015

Rihanna brought the bad girl persona back to music with her latest live appearance at the iHeartRadio Music Awards 2015. Dressed in a low cut black gown, covered with a devilish-green coat, Rihanna performed her latest single “Bitch Better Have My Money” from her upcoming ‘R8’ album.

#BBHMM is different from the music we have heard from ‘R8’ album so far. “FourFiveSeconds”, snippet of “American Oxygen” and snippet of “Higher” were all good-girl-Rihanna-like.

Watch Rihanna Debut “Bitch Better Have My Money” at iHeartRadio Music Awards 2015


Leave a comment if you think Rihanna slayed it. Welcome Bad Girl Riri!

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