taylor swift and calvin harris at iheart radio awards 2016 tayvin

(Pictures) Best Tayvin Moments from iHeart Radio Awards 2016

It was a pretty big night for Taylor Swift and Adam Wiles (AKA Calvin Harris) at the iHeart Radio Awards 2016 held last night. The couple had a table together along with Selena Gomez. It was a night promised with fireworks for Tayvin shippers.

The couple looked dashing and shared many adorable moments together as the night unfolded.

Taylor Swift won Best Female Artist, Album of the Year and Best Tour at the iHeart Radio Awards 2016. Her victories were greeted by the warmest hugs from her ‘boyfriend’ Calvin Harris.

Listening to Calvin Harris speak on stage



Taylor Swift gave the most amazing speech about Adam Wiles at the award ceremony.

“The first time I had the most amazing person to come home to when the spotlight went out and the crowds were all gone. So, um, I wanna thank my boyfriend Adam for that….”

This is the first time Taylor Swift had publicly called someone her ‘boyfriend’, so it is a pretty big moment for Taylor and Adam. We wish them all the best. Check out that moment below.



Taylor Swift kept looking at Calvin Harris like he’s an adorable puppy whole throughout his speech for accepting Best Dance Album award.


Those are the best Tayvin moments from iHeart Radio Awards 2016. We will keep on updating this thread as and when more adorable couple pictures come out. So stay tuned and share this with your Swiftie friends.


iheart radio awards 2016
A partner to hold on to a lifetime… Tayvin!
And now you may kiss Calvin Harris…. Taylor and Adam kissing when she won Album of The Year award


They took a selfie with Kelly Osbourne
Bone crushing hugs! XOXO
iheart radio awards 2016
All the Swifties when Taylor said “my boyfriend Adam”…


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