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Fun Way to Increase Chances of Buying Taylor Swift Concert Tickets

One of the biggest issues of purchasing Taylor Swift’s concert tickets are the fact that they get sold out within hours. So if you were stuck in work, school or even a bus without access to credit cards and Internet, your chances of seeing Taylor Swift live at a world tour will reduce next to none for 2+ years. So Taylor’s team has found an innovative way to give you a chance to increase your odds of getting your most wanted Taylor Swift concert ticket without being beaten to the queue.

This new fun way of obtaining concert tickets includes you registering at TaylorSwift.com and doing fun activities to earn points. After registering, you have to select the preferred city to see Taylor Swift perform and you will be added to the queue or the waiting list. Then you can perform the fun little activities to earn points. These points will add up and move you up the waiting list to be able to purchase tickets first. The little activities include Tweeting about Taylor and her music with a specified hashtag, watching videos on Taylor’s website, reading articles, shopping for merchandise and many more to be added later on.

We would not call this a chance for the “most loyal fans,” but a chance for the “most active fans.”

Watch Video Explaining How To Increase Chances of Buying Concert Tickets

This new program is called Taylor Swift Tix and is powered by Ticketmaster.com.

However, Taylor Swift has not announced a ‘Reputation’ tour or any tour for that matter. Hence, there are no venues or cities scheduled as of now. But you can still register and engage in the activities and advance your spot in the queue for your preferred city.

Try out this new ticketing service and let us know what you think about it. Fair or not? Let us know in the comments below. If you like this fun and innovative chance, share this article with your friends and let them know.

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