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Rita Ora and Cardi B Lip Kiss in “Girls” Music Video (Lyrics Review)

Rita Ora premiered the music video for her latest single “Girls” today. We should have seen this coming, as the lyrics of the song do speak about wanting to get down with girls. When Maroon 5 sings about an extremely heterosexual love story in “Girls Like You” which also features Cardi B, Rita Ora sings about being extremely homosexual in “Girls” single.

“Girls” was released as the third single off of Rita’s upcoming 2018 album and the single includes vocals from Cardi B, Charli XCX, and Bebe Rexha, on top of Rita Ora. This all-girl song and music video contains another two dozen women dressed in sleepwear. The lyrics to the song are quite explicit and the video enhances the effect. The music video is directed by one Helmi.

“Girls” single has not been well received by the LGBT community, commenting the song to be ‘tone deaf’ and ‘fueling the male gaze.’ Rita Ora issued an apology note for this.

Although the single sings about wanting to be with girls, the first verse by Rita Ora also says;

“I ain’t one-sided, I’m open-minded
I’m fifty-fifty and I’m never gonna hide it…”

So we do know that, the song is not entirely homosexual. The message is clear that Rita is talking about bisexuality, which she refers to as being ‘open-minded.’ ‘Fifty-fifty’ would mean that she has no over-preference of being physical with either a girl or a guy.

Charli XCX’s pre-chorus on the track proposes an interesting dynamic as well;

“And last night, yeah, we got with the dude
I saw him, he was lookin’ at you
So I said, “Hey,” kush lovin’…”

This is clearly indicating a threeway encounter she and her girlfriend and another guy had. ‘Kush’ is a very expensive and well-reputed strand of marijuana.

Cardi B seems to be collaborating and featuring on every popular hit these days. Her verses add the much-needed rap lyrics to “Girls.”

“Seven-figure, never need a nigga (nope)
I steal your bitch, have her down with the scissor
Tonight, I don’t want a dog, I want a kitten (eeeooowww)…”

Cardi B does not forget to talk about her recent success in every song she features on. ‘Scissor’ is a homosexual act, and Cardi B references males to ‘dogs’ and females to ‘kittens.’

At the end of her lyrics which goes “I might French a girl from Great Britain,” Cardi B leans over from behind of Rita Ora and actually does make out with her. ‘Frenching’ is a type of kissing and the girl from Great Britain is obviously Rita Ora!

Watch “Girls” Music Video by Rita Ora

What do you think about the single “Girls” and the new music video for it? Think Rita Ora nailed the video? We certainly think so. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and share the article with your friends as well.

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