PewDiePie Sings “Señorita” by Camila Cabello

Before the start of the video, be warned that “Señorita” is a highly addictive song as it is and this cover by PewDiePie makes it even harder to erase from your brain.

The YouTube channel Sam Dubs put together, presumably hours of YouTube browsing, into producing this compilation song by PewDiePie singing “Señorita” by Camila Cabello. The edit is quite hilarious, as it shows clips from PewDiePie’s 10 years of YouTube video history–from gaming to meme reviews to PewNews and so on.

True enough, PewDiePie seems to have never muttered the word “Senorita,” so there is a weird cut of words to form something similar to “Sen o ri ta.” Also be warned that “la la la” part will haunt your brain forever. Watch the video below.

Check out the YouTube channel of Sam Dubs for more amazing videos such as this. The entire channel is based on popular YouTubers singing songs just like Felix did above. You will have songs from the likes of Mr. Beast, DanTDM, Ninja, James Charles, LazarBeam, JackSepticEye, Logan Paul, Markplier and even the infamous Donald Trump covers.

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