josh golden you're always loved lyrics review

GOLDEN – You’re Always Loved (Lyrics Review)

Sometimes you stumble upon the most amazing music in the most unlikely places you could find them. This is one of those songs I found via a movie OST. The movie is ‘Laid In America’ which was released in 2016 and contains a story of two foreign exchange students trying to get laid on their last day in America. It’s a comedy-entwined with a bit of a love story. If you are a minor, parental discretion advised.

Towards the end of the movie-when all the dust settles and the guy gets the girl, this amazing song plays in the background. Well, the original artist-Josh Golden-takes the stage at this party and he plays one of his best hits “You’re Always Loved” on his acoustic guitar. The atmosphere is set perfectly to the final make up and hook-up.

The lyrics to this song are amazing and had me hypnotized in one listen and I thought it was worth sharing with you all.

Watch GOLDEN Performing “You’re Always Loved”

Song Meaning and Lyrics Review

This is a simple song and has a simple surface meaning, but very effective to set a romantic mood. Josh Golden’s voice is angelic and the acoustic music is a bonus.

“She’s the part in the movie where it all adds up
So caught up in her eyes, can’t look away, I’m hypnotized.
She’s the hope in war when things look rough,
Won’t give up this fight, she’ll be mine tonight.”

The timing of this song is perfect with the context of the movie. ‘Laid In America’ is drawing to an end with the two best friends making up and the guy getting the girl-and this song plays “she’s the part in the movie where it all adds up…”

In the song, the lyrics refer to ‘her’ being the final piece of the movie of life that finally puts everything into place. She basically completes his life and gives sense and purpose to his life. Without her, his life would be a movie without a proper plot-boring and dragging.

The guy is in awe of everything that she is-her eyes have him enchanted and she is his ‘hope’ when all things look dim and down.

The chorus of “You’re Always Loved” is magical…

“I will be there… I’ll be there…
When the words just come out wrong,
And you’re sick of the love songs.
I will be there… I’ll be there…
When your strength is now all gone,
And you need someone to lean on.
Even when you stop loving yourself,
I’ll be there to help.
And when you’re giving up,
Just know you’re always loved.
You’re always loved….”

These lyrics are quite blissful and could easily pass off as a solo performance by the groom at the wedding. the lyrics speak of undying love-even when the woman is unable to love herself-that’s when she needs him the most.

To get sick of the love songs, someone needs to be in a real down and dark situation. And considering that love songs is the artist’s specialty-he vows he will be there even if she starts to hate the love songs. So in simpler words, he will be there with her through thick and thin because they need each other.

I fell in love with this song in one hearing and I hope you did too. If you did, make sure to comment your favorite lyrics from the song and what you think it means.

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