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Hayley Williams – Cinnamon | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

“Cinnamon” is the third track on Hayley Williams’ 2020 album ‘Petals For Armor.’ In the song, she sings about her life, her home and it’s little angels and demons. Let us dive deeper into the lyrics and song meaning.

Hayley Williams announced her first solo album ‘Petals For Armor’ in February 2020, and we have heard several tracks from it so far. “Simmer” and “Leave It Alone” were released prior to the album release in 2020.

On Instagram, Hayley William shared her thoughts about this song; “i love this song so much – for now, i just want you to know it’s an ode to my home.”

Watch “Cinnamon” Music Video by Hayley Williams

Verse 1

On the first verse of the song, Hayley Williams let us know how lonely she is in her home. In the music video, we see her walking down a staircase with photo frames hung on the wall. However, these photo frames are empty. She has no one to take pictures with.

Hayley tributes her life to her dog ‘Alf’ who keeps her company. In an interview with Beats 1, Hayley shared; “My dog is the reason I’m alive, because he would’ve been waiting on me to get home, no matter what. You know how little sweet little puppies sit and they wait? I couldn’t think about it. I just couldn’t, and I’m glad because life is still hard.”

Verse 2

Hayley does not have to worry about getting dressed to walk around her home. She can even be nude because there is nobody around to witness her.

The singer also says that she has the freedom to be whoever she wants in the confines of her house–even a feminine. This alludes to the fact that feminism is a topic of hot debate and sometimes shamed in the modern world.

‘Citrus and cinnamon’ are both herbs that are non-edible as they are. But when added to meals they can exaggerate the taste and smell of the food, not to mention, enhance its healthiness.


These lyrics offer some consolation to the listener if you were worried about her loneliness. Hayley says that she prefers to see her loneliness as being ‘free.’ She has the freedom to do whatever she wants and be whoever she wants. Isn’t that the ultimate goal in life?

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