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Ed Sheeran Performs “Castle On The Hill” Live & Acoustic on BBC Radio 1

Ed Sheeran has blessed us with three tracks from his upcoming album ‘Divide’ and they are ruling the music charts right now. “Castle On The Hill” and “Shape Of You” were released together and an internet craze was started that day which had not died till today. On Feb 21st, for Ed’s birthday he released a track “How Would You Feel (Paean)” as a gift to his fans.

“Castle On The Hill” was Ed Sheeran’s first live performance of a ‘Divide’ track and he went on BBC Radio 1 to do that. He also stuck to his strong suit which is acoustic music. With his acoustic guitar and big nerdy glasses, Ed Sheeran stunned the audience.

Watch Ed Sheeran Perform “Castle On The Hill” Live at BBC Radio 1

“Castle On The Hill” is a nice throw back to Ed’s childhood times back in Suffolk, England. He remembers all the good, fun and the sad memories he collected as a teen. He surely misses all that, which is why he is eager to drive back to his old city filled with greenery, fresh beer and friends. This song is pretty relatable to all of us.

Ed Sheeran also performed “Shape Of You” live for Capital FM and it is as good as it gets. Watch the full performance below.

Ed Sheeran is such a talented artist with pretty much any form of music. His live vocals and acoustic music is quite unparalleled.

We leave you with these two amazing acoustic tracks and if you feel like it leave a comment below on your opinions of the soulful ginger.

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