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Tragic Story of Refugee Nilda in “I Found You” Video by benny blanco, Calvin Harris and Miguel (Review)

benny blanco’s narrative style music videos continue in “I Found You / Nilda’s Story” video while Miguel adds his own grace of angelic voice on this song. This is a true story and a heartbreaking one at that.

Nilda’s Story

Nilda, a Honduras born, beautiful girl had a quite an average childhood until she was 15. She had a mother, the video does not talk of her father, she had a sister, a best friend named Bel and she went to school. At the age of 15, Nilda was visited by a relative who tried to rape her. It seems as if she moved on from this horrendous experience-she continued her life with her family, until she learned that she was pregnant. She kept the baby as a promise to God and named him Keyden.

A few months after the gang wars aggrevated in La Ceiba where Nilda and Keyden lived. One life changing encounter with these gangs later, Nilda and Keyden are threatened to leave the country. They flee to Mexico and then crosses The US border, where they get caught.

The authorities separate the months old baby from Nilda and transfer her through several holding cells across The US. She is given no information about her child. However, this story has a silver-lining ending. Nilda is now reunited with her 2-year-old son Keyden and both are held in a hostel until the paperwork is cleared to see if they can stay in The US.

This song and music video is an eye-opener towards the refugees arriving at The US and how they are treated. A website has been put up to spread awareness about the refugee and immigrant situation in the country and how you can help them by donating money or basic necessities such as clothing food and water.

Watch “I Found You” Music Video by benny blanco, Calvin Harris and Miguel

“I Found You” is a track from benny blanco’s 2018 album ‘Friends Keep Secrets,’ which also had hits such as “Eastside” featuring Khalid and “Better To Lie” featuring Swae Lee.

Drop in a comment about your thoughts and experiences on stories like Nilda’s. What is your take on the refugee and immigrant situation in the United States?

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