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Jeremih Premiers “I Think Of You” Video with Chris Brown and Big Sean (Review)

Jeremih has released a new song along with the music video and there’s a lot of reasons to love it. For one thing, it’s new music by Jeremih which has been long overdue. Further, three of the biggest hip hop stars feature on the song and the video. Also, the gorgeous model Jena Frumes stars in the video playing the lucky girl who gets the attention of Jeremih, Chris Brown and Big Sean throughout the entire music video.

“I Think Of You” will feature in Jeremih’s upcoming album ‘Def Jam Presents: Direct Deposit Vol. 2’ due to release later this year.

Watch “I Think Of You” Music Video

Say you on my plate, girl, you so delicious
Last night we had a good time gettin’ faded
Wake up in the morn’, you was gone
It been on my brain all day replayin’

The music video shows Jeremih falling behind a gorgeous girl walking down the street and the artists take turns with her throughout the video. Chris Brown swoons her with some nice lyrics and Big Sean finishes it off with some rap verses.

I wish everyday was your day off
Goin’ hard every night like it’s the playoffs
You give me the energy, I like to play off
Tell me is the feelin’ mutual or am I way off?

“I Think Of You” gives us hope for Jeremih’s upcoming music projects. If you liked this song and music video let us know why in the comments below. Stay tuned with us for more latest Jeremih news.

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