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Charlie Puth Releases Music Video for “Attention” with a Surprise

Last week Charlie Puth released his brand new single titled “Attention” from his upcoming sophomore album and it’s a huge success. The single is yet to debut on music charts, but the streaming numbers are on the rise. The music video for the song that was released over 10 hours ago has accumulated over 2.4 million views on YouTube.

“Attention” music video shows Charlie Puth and his girlfriend in a pretty bad state of a relationship. We have reviewed the lyrics of the song if you are interested. The gist of the song is an attention craving girlfriend who has her claws buried deep on the singer. The relationship is in crumbles but she is keeping him around just for the spotlight.

Watch “Attention” Music Video by Charlie Puth

The girlfriend in the video is a gorgeous model, I believe. So it’s no wonder that Charlie Puth keeps getting distracted by her.

The little surprise at the end of the video is a preview of the original recording Charlie Puth did when he came up with the idea for “Attention.” He recorded the tune and a few words on his phone while he was on tour in Tokyo. It’s a nice little reminder as to how such a small concept within an artist grows up to be something so big as this single itself and how much effort goes into making a simple song.

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