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Ariana Grande – six thirty | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“six thirty” is the sixth track on Ariana Grande’s 2020 album ‘Positions.’ The song title refers to the clock position where both hands of the clock are pointing to the extreme bottom end of the clock, or ‘down.’ ‘Down’ is a phrase used to describe someone who is always there with you through thick and thin.

Ariana Grande announced her sixth studio album ‘Positions‘ seemingly out of nowhere on October 14, 2020. A week later, the pop star released the lead single and the title track of the album titled ‘positions.’ The album releases on October 30, 2020. This is Grande’s follow-up project to her 2019 heartbreak album ‘Thank U, Next.’

In the song, Ariana Grande confesses to the guy that she can get a bit crazy obsessing over him. But she promises that it is with good intentions. So, she asks him if he is down for a lifetime of this?

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In the bridge of the song, we find that Ariana Grande is looking for a soulmate in him. A friend and a lover, and a partner for life is her definition of a husband. The song winds around the idea ‘ride or die’ for life.

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  1. The ‘are you down wassup’ doesn’t mean are you down for a lifetime of obsession, it means are you down for s*x.

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