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What Is Justin Bieber’s Mysterious Countdown to May 10th About?

Justin Bieber is a married man now and he has been out of the music game for several years. We don’t know for sure if the engagement with the model Hailey Baldwin had any impact on the hiatus of Justin Bieber from music, but last time he spoke with Vogue magazine, the Canadian chart-topper confesses that he is on a soulful journey discovering himself and devoting time to family.

However, if you were born to do music, there’s so much time that you can part from your destiny. And Justin Bieber’s break time might just be over.

Last month Ariana Grande brought down Justin Bieber on stage during her set at Coachella 2019. Justin Bieber met Billie Eilish and reconnected with his passion for music there, it seems. Returning home from the music festival, he Tweeted that it “felt right,” while thanking Ariana Grande for the opportunity.

He went on to Tweet some more. In a later Tweet, JB mentioned how he felt being back on stage; “Think about how awesome it felt for me to be on that stage after being away for so long the excitement and joy it gave me doing the thing I love the most.”

Lastly, Justin Bieber reconnected with music on an epic collaboration with Lil Dicky on “Earth,” a dedication to saving this beautiful home-Planet Earth. There was a bus full of artists collaborating on this track and Justin would have met some old friends during recording sessions.

On April 30, 2019, Justin Bieber Tweeted a picture of something rather interesting. It was Ed Sheeran and himself in front of a green screen. A green screen is usually used during video productions. Bieber captioned it “10.” This picture could have been taken during the video recording session for “Earth,” as Ed Sheeran too appeared on the track. But none of the artists appeared in their flesh in the music video.

On May 3, 2019, another Tweet dropped with the caption “7” and a streak of question marks that followed.

The last Tweet dropped today which contained a solem number “6.”

One thing clear is that this is a countdown towards May 10, 2019. It’s a Friday. A lot of artists prefer to release new music on Fridays, aiming at debuting high on music charts starting on the next Monday.

Also, the mysterious side-by-side picture with Ed Sheeran gives us a lot of hopes for one of a kind collaboration between these two artists.

Also, Scooter Braun, the music agent representing Justin Bieber, too, Tweeted out a picture of JB and Ed Sheeran side-by-side, further fueling new music rumours.

We strongly believe that some new music is being cooked behind the curtains by Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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