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Selena Gomez – Bad Liar (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Selena Gomez has released a brand new single today and we are hooked. The new song “Bad Liar” was released on May 18th and it not associated with any album works as of now. Selena Gomez’s last project was “Only You” for the soundtrack of ’13 Reasons Why’ TV series.

“Bad Liar” seems so different to her previous work, but still so Selena-like. The song basically speaks about not being able to control ourselves in the brisk of a new relationship. She tells herself that she is not infatuated with him, but I guess she is a bad liar. We have all been there, so this is a very relatable song for most fans.

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As one of the co-writers of the song explain, the song is about “trying to hide magical feelings for someone new, but not being able to.”

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Bad Liar”

Verse 1

I was walking down the street the other day
Trying to distract myself
Then I see your face
Oh, wait that’s someone else

Selena Gomez is already falling so hard for this new man in her life. He is infatuated with him, head over heels for him and everything else. So she is taking a walk down the street to try and feed some other thoughts into her head. But then she spots him-but wait, that’s not him. This basically says that she sees him everywhere, when he is not anywhere near by. The singer has a very bad case of ‘love.’

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Tryna play it coy
Tryna make it disappear
But just like the battle of Troy
There’s nothing subtle here

“Bad Liar” draws examples from the history books, comparing her love towards him to Prince Paris’ love towards Helen of Troy. In the story of Troy, young Trojan Prince Paris invaded Troy in hopes of winning over Helen-who was considered the most beautiful woman on earth back then. The war lasted 10 years. There’s nothing subtle about that. Just like that, Selena Gomez says there’s no hiding of her feelings towards this new found love.

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In my room there’s a king size space
Bigger than it used to be
If you want you can rent that place
Call me an amenity
Even if it’s in my dreams

She imagines him a king and that is why there is a newly vacant king-sized space in her room. This man has raised the bar of men for her so high that the space left in her heart had become bigger now-to accommodate the new love.

The singer asks this man to come rent in her heart and she will be a beautiful piece of decor in the house. For now, he is at least welcomed in her dreams.


Ooh you’re taking all perfection out my mind
Ooooh every time I watch you serpentine

In her eyes, he is perfect. There’s nothing more left to wish for him to be more perfect. “Serpentine” roughly means behaving like a snake that twists and turns. We believe the singer is trying to portray how her body reacts when watching him.


Oh I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’
I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’
Not to think about you
No, no, no, no

Oh tryin’, I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’
I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’
Not to give in to you

The singer tries to convince herself that she is not falling so hard for him. But we all know she is just trying to lie to herself and not doing a very good job at it either-she is such a “Bad Liar.”


All my feelings on fire
Guess I’m a bad liar

The singer cannot help themselves with the burning feelings inside of her. She does not have a hold of them. She tries to keep her cool, but everyone can see through her. She tries to lie to everybody, but she is such a bad liar.

Verse 2

I see how your attention builds
It’s like looking in a mirror
Your touch like a happy pill
But still all we do is fear
What could possibly happen next?
Can we focus on the love?
Paint my kiss across your chest
Be the art, I’ll be the brush

At the beginning of a romance, every touch feels electrifying. This is the phase the singer of “Bad Liar” is in. She notices him noticing her and she is happy about that.

He makes her happy-there’s no effort to do so. Even the simplest tough helps.

But it’s not like there are gloomy clouds hanging over them. The singer questions their future. Maybe she is burnt before!

She asks him to be hers and only hers. She asks him to pain their love on him and he will be the canvas on which she will draw.


And oh baby let’s make reality, actuality, a reality
Oh baby let’s make reality, actuality, a reality

Finally, Selena Gomez wishes for this love to come true and blossom into a relationship. There maybe doubts, but you have to try.

“Bad Liar” is a really sweet song with some nicely crafted lyrics. Selena Gomez gets into a very innocent-sounding voice when performing the song and we could listen to it all day long.

What are your thoughts on this song? Do you think she nailed another chart topper? Or was this a flopper? Let us know in the comments below.

Also comment your favorite line from the song in the comments and let us know what you think those lyrics mean.


5 thoughts on “Selena Gomez – Bad Liar (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

  1. Instead of “All my feelings on fire, Guess I’m a bad liar” It’s “With my feelings on fire, guess i’m a bad liar”

  2. hummmm, a very interesting point of view, i do not agree, she sees herself as the guy with the blond girl
    and is always running in to them, and then she is rubbing her thumb across the picture of the blond girl,
    maybe we being misled on what this song is about….. i am only implying the meaning the song. not her outside real life.

  3. Instead of “ooh you’re taking all perfection out my mind” it’s, “ooh you’re taking up a fraction of my mind”. It says it in her music video

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