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YouTubers KSI and Ricegum Collab on “Earthquake” Rap Diss Video (Review)

Although these two YouTubers are not new to the music industry, “Earthquake” just might symbolize the beginning an era of collaborations between famous YouTube personalities. KSI and Ricegum have premiered their latest work together “Earthquake” and the track is aptly titled. The lyrics are blunt and direct and both the YouTubers don’t hold back.

KSI AKA Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji is an English YouTube personality who has gathered around 16.6 million subscribers on this network alone. He has been producing reaction videos of all sorts and a few music videos here and there. His most famous other music being “Lamborghini” which has over 79 million views.

Bryan Le or better known as Ricegum is also a 7+ million subscribed personality who is also doing comedic reaction videos and has got into a bit of diss track series as well. He is also not an amateur to producing music videos, where his “It’s EveryNight Sis” video has over 68 million views. So it is quite clear that these two YouTubers have been doing quite well with their music work-even better than some ‘artists.’

Watch “Earthquake” Video by KSI and Ricegum

How much wood can the woodchuck chuck
If the woodchuck looked like you? (b*tch)
I’ma have fun, when the n*gga here done
Yeah, the woodchuck would chuck none
Think you’re a big man with a shrimp d*ck, man
I’ma click-click-clack (bang)

KSI does not hold back in his verses. He gets blunt and he gets explicit and his counterpart Ricegum is up to the part.

Are you fat or you pregnant
Like a mix of a d*ke and a feminist
Fat rolls on your stomach and your neck and wrists
Cross eyed Ron Weasley with the breasts and sh*t
Everyone in Sidemen is irrelevant
What views did you get before heaven sent
KSI to your life let’s measure it

“Earthquake” is a diss track, a pretty good one at that as well. The diss track is aimed at the members of Sidemen and co. in response for pretty much every diss track they have thrown at KSI. The Sidemen and Co. include Behzinga, W2S, Team 10, Jake Paul & Sidemen and it is clear that Behzinga has been targeted a lot in “Earthquake.”

However, we think the feud should end before it gets real ugly. Artists should be working together rather than beefing with each other.

Anyway, as a diss track, we have to give it to KSI and Ricegum for this creation and we are expecting Sidemen and Co. to retaliate. We will be waiting.

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