bubba sparxxx YGMFU ft yelawolf music video

Bubba Sparxxx Features with Yelawolf on “YGMFU” Music Video

Bubba Sparxxx has made a come back with the latest single “YGMFU” featuring Yelawolf. The single appears in Bubba’s latest ‘The Bubba Mathis EP’ which sounds a lot like ‘The Marshall Mathers EP.’ Let’s see if the two EPs compare. “YGMFU” stands for “You Got Me Fuc*ed Up,” which is continuously repeated in the chorus of the song.

The music video released on June 12th, features Bubba and Yelawolf in a school, where some good looking women are prepping to play basketball in skimpy outfits. Despite the visual distractions (which is kind of the theme of the song), “YGMFU” does give out a sound meaning.

I know, what the
Fuss is about
Life’s hard, it ain’t nothing to doubt
Sucker punch in the nuts and the mouth
I can give it out, take it as well
Maybe cancels out my reservation in hell

Watch “YGMFU” Music Video by Bubba Sparxxx

Yelawolf performs the chorus of the song and it’s quite catchy.

Hold in my problems
Inside this cigarette
Smoke you right up out my Chevrolet
I bought me a bottle
And I put that sh*t to rest
I ain’t trying to ride dirty like that anyway

Yelawolf has cleaned up his act and is in a confessional mode. Much like “Best Friend” Yelawolf reveals that he is used to drowning his problems in liquor. Even Bubba drops some serious insight into the issues of the current world and how stereotyping has got worse over the years.

Anyway, we think “YGMFU” is a good come back single by Bubba Sparxxx and he made the right choice with the collaborator-Yelawolf.

What are your thoughts on the song and music video?

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