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Jaden Smith Dresses in White for “Batman” Music Video (Lyrics Review)

Jaden Smith has released the second single “Batman” of his new album ‘[SYRE]’ and the song takes off on Drake’s “Jumpman.” The music video released today shows Jaden Smith dressed in an almost-Batman costume which is also pure white. The video is directed by Moises Arias.

Jaden’s admiration for ‘Batman’ character is well known and he repays back with an entire song titled to him. However, the song has little to do about the DC superhero. The song addresses some of the current issues and events.

Batman, Batman, Batman
Joker just put me on acid
You on the wave like a Maverick
You need to make something happen

The Joker is Batman’s arch enemy and Jaden says the Joker hit him with acid. Acid has several meanings here. Acid in slang refers to LSD which is a mind-numbing drug-pretty much how The Joker behaves all the time. Also Jaden’s outfit in the video is pure white, as if the original Batman costume was washed in acid.

Watch “Batman” Music Video by Jaden Smith

Please put me up on a Tesla (skrrt!)
I’m tryna be hella extra

Tesla is all the hype right now. Jaden Smith says if he cannot afford a Batmobile, at least get him a Tesla so he will be special. “Extra” means being much more than ordinary. A Tesla might actually pull that off for you.

Batman, Batman, Batman
We need to settle the scores
Jokers they still want a war
Watch out, I’m closing the doors

Jaden speaks about his industry as well as the comic universe here. He says The Joker still wants a war and he is ready to give it to him. “Closing the doors” is a reference to getting into his car-this time it is a Tesla however.

I heard you married a Porsche
That shit is all in the past
Plus we got very divorced

Jaden Smith is talking about his ex Sarah Snyder. I don’t know who she is with right now, but the song gives a slight back handed slap on some ‘rich guy.’ He says there are no hard feelings because it is all in the past.

City crying for your help
Shooting up on Skid Row
Out your window look and you could tell
Get it from under their spell
If I don’t do it, then who else?

Skid Row is a poverty stricken area in LA and when he drives down the streets he can see the city crying for help. The Skid Row is everything not that LA is advertised to be. And there is no one to help them. Jaden says it is as if this area is under a spell by the Joker. He believes it is up to him to save the people.

The music video for “Batman” shows Jaden Smith meeting Superman, Spiderman and black-Batman on the streets and having a dance with them.

We think this is a good song by Jaden. Even he does think so;

Don’t think the album will sell
But this shit might fly off the shelf

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