lorde perfect places live tonight show starring jimmy fallon

Watch Lorde Perform “Perfect Places” Live on Jimmy Fallon

Lorde’s new album ‘Melodrama’ is out and some of the tracks are really good. “Perfect Places” is one of those tracks that has caught the essence of Lorde as an artist. It has the right amount of Pop and has a very good flow as well. Lorde appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last week and she went on to perform “Perfect Places” live on the studio. It was quite spectacular to say the least.

Lorde dressed in loose pants and over-sized jacket and had some twigs and branches stuck to her back. No clue how that is related to the song or the performance.

All of the things we’re taking
‘Cause we are young and we’re ashamed
Send us to perfect places
All of our heroes fading
Now I can’t stand to be alone
Let’s go to perfect places

Watch Lorde Perform “Perfect Places” Live on TV


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You can watch the rest of the talk Lorde had with Jimmy Fallon below, addressing her new album and upcoming world tour.

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