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Kehlani’s New Song is “Nunya” Business (Review)

Kehlani dropped her new mixtape ‘While We Wait’ on February 22, 2019, and one of the biggest tracks on the album is “Nunya.” And the song features rapper Dom Kennedy.

In this song, Kehlani is heard telling off her jealous ex-boyfriends as they have nothing to do with her life now. According to the singer, exes would be calling her friends to know where she is and she is having none of that. Those boys lost their chance when they let her go and now they have no business with what she does with her life.

Kehlani also dropped a music video along with the track. In the video, Kehlani is seen all covered up in white and singing the song alongside Dom Kennedy. She blends in nicely with the snowy background.

Lauren Jauregui showed some extreme love upon the release of “Nunya” track and music video on Twitter;

Kehlani does look like the most bad-ass mom in the music game. Watch the video below.

“It’s none of your, none of your, none of your bees
Callin’ my girls to check where I been
If you needed to know, I’d drop a pin
Keepin’ to yourself really ain’t a sin”

Lyrics by Genius

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