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Nicki Minaj Sizzling Hot in “You Da Baddest” Video by Future (Review)

Future premiered his latest single “You Da Baddest” featuring Nicki Minja today and the music video is just too hot to handle. With explicit lyrics and not very safe for work video, Future has scored himself a trending track on charts and on YouTube. Within just a few hours of release, the video passed 1.5 million views on YouTube alone.

“You Da Baddest” very explicitly says that you should be whoever you want to be and not let anyone dictate your life. It is your life and you hold the reins. We see Nicki Minaj dressed in some sizzling hot (revealing) dress and walking out of a hotel. All heads turn towards her and all eyes fixate on her as she passes by. And Nicki does it with so much confidence that it gives confidence to the lookers as well.

Watch “You Da Baddest” Video by Future Ft. Nicki Minaj

Chorus of the song performed by Future is quite catchy;

Yo, hold up, wait one more
You know you the baddest baby, f*ck them hoes
F*ck them hoes, f*ck them hoes
We on a different planet girl, it’s f*ck them hoes
F*ck them hoes, f*ck them hoes

The outro of “You Da Baddest” speaks about how they were made from nothing to owning everything;

Got about a thousand upon my side
We out here hustlin’, risking our life
Fill cocaina up in your tights
We had to make it across the line
Damn near didn’t make it through them nights
I watch the bloody tears fall from your eye
You just wanna live a nigga life
Sittin’ in a helicopter, I can touch the sky

Despite the way the message is conveyed, Future does what he knows best to do-give out a decent message in his own tongue. And Nicki Minaj is right up there with Future for the theme of the song.

We are kind of hooked on to the song right now. We would love to hear your opinion on the song and the video. Leave a comment below. If you liked this article, make sure to share it with your friends.

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