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Sam Smith – I’m Ready Ft. Demi Lovato | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Sam Smith continues his trend of releasing powerful ballads with the latest addition being “I’m Ready,” a collaboration with Demi Lovato. If you want to witness some beautiful and elegant “queer Olympics” in action, this is the video to go for!

“I’m Ready” is the latest single from Sam Smith’s upcoming album ‘To Die For.’ The song follows some other hit singles from the album such as “Dancing with a Stranger” featuring Normani, “How Do You Sleep?,” “Promises” and more.

With Apple Music, Sam Smith talked about working with Demi Lovato on their very first collaboration; “It was amazing to work with Demi and all the amazing writers in the studio, and creating our very own queer Olympics for the video.” He also dedicated the song to everyone who is stuck at home during this COVID-19 pandemic; “We created the song surrounded by love and happiness, and the outcome feels incredibly powerful, so I hope that right now, in this unsettling and sad time, this makes you smile. Sing it with us from the top of your voice.”

Watch “I’m Ready” Video by Sam Smith and Demi Lovato

Despite the empowering tune of the track, the lyrics speak about broken love, a common theme in Sam Smith’s works.

Sam Smith talks about being alone and feeling cold despite the hot Summer weather outside. His heart is growing colder each passing day not receiving love that he so desires for. He wants a warm-blooded lover, an achiever, a believer and not a cheater.

The singer repeats that he is ready to recieve such a love, if such exists at all. He is so ready for the real-deal.

Demi Lovato’s verse on the track puts a spin on the climatic metaphors put down by Sam Smith. She sings of having a “hot head” in cold winter. Her head is burning of the questions that she meddles all by herself.

However, the song can also be interpreted as the singers stuck in unfaithful relationships. All they asked for an honest love, but they are stuck with a “cold-blooded” “cheater” and a “defeater.”

Let us know how you interpret the meaning of this song in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Sam Smith – I’m Ready Ft. Demi Lovato | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

  1. I just love this song so much that i can honestly relate too alot demi and sam did the right thing to cone together n sing such a loving and strong song..and iaam soooo sooo veryy ready for a new love too.oh n i cant believe it this song came out wen i found out that iam with a person who is is a cheater not a true faithful honest lover but i have to say he didnt kill mee n bring me down but made stronger❤🔥

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