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Tinashe Sizzling Hot in New “No Drama” Music Video (Review)

Tinashe has finally given color to her new single “No Drama” from her upcoming second studio album ‘Joyride.’ The song features vocals by Offset as well. The song, as the title suggests, is about taking no sh*t from others. Basically, living life the way you want-drama free. Sounds like a dream, but Tinashe and Offset convince us well.

Tinashe herself annotated the song and said “(it) is just kind of a bossy song. I really wanted to come with some attitude.” And attitude she has shown. The entire music video shows Tinashe doing some seriously sexy and flexible dance moves with a straight face while performing the song. The ‘boss’ face is visible all throughout the video.

Watch “No Drama” Video by Tinashe

Don’t want no drama-ma-a
We pulled up in that ooh la la (sk-skrr)
And backed out in that oh my god (woo, woo, woo)
Don’t want no drama-ma-a (no, hey)

Offset gets on to describing the luxuries he is enjoying from Rolce Royce and Maybach cars to private jets to Patek Philippe wrist watches-the most expensive brands available. And this much of cash is bound to draw some competition and rivalry. This is when both artist say they don’t want any drama.

The chorus of the song is extremely catchy and we expect the single to perform good. Tinashe looks very hot in a black dress with silvery stones that are sizzling with every dance move she makes. Her toned body and the very flexible dance moves gives “No Drama” an added energy.

All-in-all the song and the music video is a job well done. We love it and would like to hear your opinion as well. Jot down your thoughts in the comments below and share this article with your friends.

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