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Fergie Is The Biggest Baller in “Like It Ain’t Nuttin” Video (Review)

Fergie’s 2017 album ‘Double Dutchess’ has been released (on Sept 22) and it truly captures the essence of Fergie as an artist. At 42 years old, Fergie is still unstoppable and very much young at heart. This is clearly shown in the tracklist (except maybe for “MILF $“) of her new album, which is a visual album for our pleasure. “Like It Ain’t Nuttin” finds Fergie getting back to her youth-partying it up-spending it all and getting freaky. We missed this person.

“Like It Ain’t Nuttin” is a song about being the baller at the party. Fergie says she earns money like it’s nothing and she spends it like it’s nothing. Fergie changes into a few costumes throughout the music video and really brings out the young and energetic Fergie whom we all love.

Watch “Like It Ain’t Nuttin” Music Video

Not, not a, not, not a damn thing, swimming in Lou
Swimming in fashion, gotta stay cute
I kill ’em if I show ’em my birthday suit
I kill ’em when I roll up in my Merce’ Coupe
I don’t mean to show off, I don’t mean to floss
I don’t mean to be the head chick and the boss
I didn’t mean to buy up the whole damn bar
I didn’t mean to spend it like what, what it cost?
I didn’t mean to whip out the keys to the city
I didn’t mean to dress so fresh and pretty

As Fergie says in these lyrics, she is the big baller (spender) at the club (or wherever) she goes. She would not even try to be the biggest baller, but she is.

I didn’t mean to make 10, 20, 100 million
And ever since I made it, I been murdered on the ceiling
I know why they be hatin’, cause I be [?]
And now I’m cold, cool and cold, chilling like a villain
They feeling my diamonds, the gold on my grillin

Fergie says her success was unexpected. But her music caught on and Fergie is estimated at a net worth of $45 million as of 2017. And this was without releasing any new music for the past few years. Being a celebrity isn’t easy, says Fergie. Ever since she made it in the industry, she has a bunch of haters trying to pull her down. But she has learned from all of it and is unmoved by any hate now.

The song is very catchy, much like the rest of the tracks on her album ‘Double Dutchess.’

You can buy a copy of the album on iTunes and Amazon.

What did you think about “Like It Ain’t Nuttin” song, lyrics and music video? We are in love with it and would love to hear your opinion. Do you love it, like it or hate it? Let us know in the comments below.

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