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Taylor Swift is Stalking her Fans on Instagram, Again! (Pics)

Generally stalking is considered a form of social media harassment but when Taylor Swift does it, the whole dynamic is reversed. And that is what is happening right now in the Swifties fandom, where Taylor Swift sneaks into fans’ live streams and leaves comments. This is not the first time Taylor has done this.

Before the release of ‘1989’ album in October, 2014, the same kind of creeping was seen from Taylor Swift. Back then she was mostly active on Tumblr and that is where she did most of the stalking. Did she really want to connect with her fans or was it a clever marketing trick, only she knows. Marketing ploy or not, she is the only superstar who is known to interact with their fans to this personal level.

This time just when things are heating up about the upcoming ‘Reputation’ album, Taylor Swift is back at it stalking her fans-this time on Instagram. She was spotted sneaking into her super fans’ live streams on Instagram and answering their questions and leaving adorable comments. Most fans are left in shock of these appearances.

Screenshots of Taylor Swift Stalking her fans

The first picture shows Taylor Swift answering a fan question that has been bothering the entire Swiftie fandom for ages. He was talking about the alleged “All Too Well” 10 minute long track and how it never got released. To this Taylor’s response was:

“It’s somewhere in a drawer. I don’t know. I don’t know”

Other times include Taylor Swift fangirling over her fans and leaving them in tears. Despite her motivations, this is a really sweet gesture by one of the biggest superstars in the world right now.

What would you feel like to be stalked by Taylor Swift and have you ever been? Let us know in the comments below.

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