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BTS Look at Taylor Swift’s Outfits and Bling from LWYMMD Video

With rumors of a new music video being recorded in London, Taylor Swift still keeps on promoting her hit single and video LWYMMD. She has released behind the scenes clips from The Birdcage, The Taylor Mountain and even a clip on the dancing choreography from the video. Now she has released yet another BTS clips from “Look What You Made Me Do” music video and this might be the most special one yet.

The new behind the scenes clip takes us through the outfits, costumes, shoes and bling worn by Taylor in the music video. And as we all know Taylor shows herself at Old Taylors from previous album eras in the video. In this clip, we get an exclusive look at the costumes worn by Taylor Swift during her previous eras and she takes us through them.

“This is where we kind of pick from the archives. That’s from “22” video. This was from “Our Song” from my first album. VMAs, first time I went pants-less. “Shake It Off” music video. So basically we are going through all this stuff-“I Knew You Were Trouble” music video-we are picking which looks from our kind of the ones that we wanna calls attention to and kind of go back and have a little sarcastic look down memory lane…”

 Watch the Outfits from LWYMMD Music Video

After going through some of the outfits we see Taylor sitting back with her actors who play her former-selfs and naming each costume from where it is.

Taylor Swift does not forget the iconic bling that were used in the LWYMMD video as well. She says “It’s really important to wear subtle jewelry in music videos, I’ve learned” showing us a huge Sun-shaped bling.

Anyway, we are loving these little escapades into the makings of a music video and especially a video like “Look What You Made Me Do.”

At the end of the video she says she can finally go home and ear Chinese food with her cats now. Does that mean the behind the scenes clips are over for this video? What do you think?

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