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Sealed with an Olive Branch – What to Expect from Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s End of Feud!

Fans of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry can finally lay down their weapons which they did not even want to bear in the first place. The two artists have been hallmarks of modern Pop music and the seemingly cold war between them made the fans divide into two bases. Even so, there was not much conflict between the two groups, except for occasional ignorance of each party.

However, an era of peace has come upon us and looks like Katy Perry initiated it. From Taylor’s perspective, Katy should have apologized as she ‘tried to sabotage a Taylor concert by buying off her backup dancers…’ However, this apology from Katy Perry should not be taken as she committed the crime in the first place. Whatever happened, the four year long feud seems to be finally coming to an end.

Katy Perry Sends an Olive Branch and An Apology Note

An Olive branch is a literal offer of peace and conflict resolution. In that way Katy Perry put some serious thought into her apology letter. She sent an actual olive branch along with a handwritten apology note put in an envelope with an adorable puppy. Taylor Swift posted all of this on her Instagram stories captioning “Thank you Katy” with two heart emojis which would mean the peace offering has been accepted.


The legible words on the letter read;

“Hello old friend—I’ve been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and hard feelings between us. I really want to clear the air. —— I’m deeply sorry for…”

Showing the gift she received, Taylor Swift said “I just got to my dressing room and found this actual olive branch. This means so much to me.”

What Does this Era of Peace Mean?

This peace offering and acceptance happens at a crucial time where Taylor Swift is literally about to start her ‘Reputation World Tour.’ She is in the stadium doing rehearsals when she finds out this letter.

Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello and Charlie XCX at rehearsals for 'Reputation World Tour'
Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello and Charlie XCX at rehearsals for ‘Reputation World Tour’

The major breakthrough in their newfound friendship could manifest in the form of a surprise appearance by Katy Perry at one of Taylor’s ‘Reputation’ tour performances. We can guess, that it would not happen immediately as it would require a lot of changing around of the planned routines. So, maybe towards the mid or end of the tour, we could expect some surprise.

A Taylor Swift and Katy Perry collaboration has been long-long overdue. And this would be the best way to cement their friendship, as a song will live forever. So, we believe Taylor would be a little more cautious in moving ahead with this as well. She would verify that this peace offer is 100% authentic before making such long lasting works.

This is a long shot, but, finally, Katy Perry could make it into Taylor Swift’s girl squad. Although, not spotted recently, Taylor’s girl squad included some high-end personalities such as Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss, Martha Hunt, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne and even the Fifth Harmony girls.

Net worth of Taylor Swift and her girl squad
Net worth of Taylor Swift and her girl squad

However, even without a surprise tour appearance, a collaboration or girl squad membership, this peace offering was long overdue and thanks to Katy it has finally come.

We would expect big things from this friendship. But the mere end of “Bad Blood” is also a gift to the two fan bases who fought unwillingly.

Three cheers for the end of Taylor-Katy feud!!!

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