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Cara Hammond – Ready For The Fall | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

If you are not familiar with the British singer and songwriter Cara Hammond, her new single “Ready For The Fall” is an excellent place to start. Let’s dig into further on her 2020 release as well as its lyrics and meaning.

Cara Hammond started writing songs at the age of 11. And now in her twenties, the Brit’s songwriting skills are really sharp. “Ready For The Fall” not only showcases her amazing vocal skills, but also a high standard of growth in her lyrical craftsmanship.

Cara Hammond released her debut single “No” in 2017, followed by “How I Feel” and “Try To Love You” in 2018. Her return to 2020 is even stronger with the new single. This new track also encapsulates a bit of Cara Hammond herself in the lyrics, as she talks about her battles in the music industry as an upcoming artist.

Watch “Ready For The Fall” Video by Cara Hammond

The singer talked about the inspiration and message behind the lyrics of the song in a press release;

“Being in your twenties is difficult and confusing as hell. There are so many life changes, paths to choose, and heartbreaks to endure which help you figure out who you are. ‘Ready For The Fall’ sums up those feelings in asking yourself if you’re ready to take those chances. It’s everyone’s inner monologue, where our mind is split between taking a leap of faith or playing it safe. It’s a way to protect ourselves from getting hurt, ’cause life’s a b*tch.”

In the lyrics to the song, Cara Hammond asks us if we are ready to sacrifice everything for that one thing we love! You must be ‘ready for the fall’ when you make that leap of faith. Because it is not all the time that you make it to the other side. But even if you fall, it is not the end. Try again!

“I can’t fight, I can’t fight no more
Like I did, like I did before
Oh you want it bad, you want it bad like me”

The singer also emphasizes how easy it is to give up. How convenient it would be to blame it all on every obstacle that comes up and turn back? Quite easy, one would say. But it is not that easy if your pursuit was your true passion. This is why the people who have “made it” are who they are today. Perseverance is a skill.

Let us know what you think about this brand new song by Cara Hammond and what it means to you.

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