Ed Sheeran and Lorde’s Favorite Tracks from Taylor Swifts’ 1989

Taylor Swift just concluded an interview with Jules, Merrick and Sophie on 2Day FM Breakfast show and she had pretty interesting things to share about the upcoming Taylor Swift 1989 album.

Credits: justjaredjr.com
Credits: justjaredjr.com

At the very beginning of the interview Taylor was asked what her friends think about her new album. Ed Sheeran was the first person that came to her mind, and then Ella (Lorde). This is what she said;

“Ed (Sheeran) has a song that he’s obsessed with called Bad Blood, and Ella (Lorde) likes a song called Welcome To New York – that’s her favourite I think. It’s awesome because both of them are such amazing songwriters so when they kind of raise their hand and go “that one, that one, that one”, it’s a cool moment.”

Two More Taylor Swift 1989 Track Names Confirmed?

So there you go. Ed Sheeran likes “Bad Blood”, which is supposedly about the feud Taylor Swift has been having with Katy Perry. Lorde likes “Welcome to New York City“, which is about how Taylor moved to New York City and lives in her apartment-how she sees things in the big city. “This is a big world… That was a small town..” remember?

However these two tracks confirm two more tracks form the allegedly leaked 1989 track list. 

Taylor Swift went on to speak about the theme of this album which is about moving on, the life in the big city and a lot of Polaroids, and the 1980s when POP was big. Actually it’s a collection of themes.

You can listen to the full interview at Audioboom.com