Hottest Photoshoot of Normani by Billboard Cover Shoot and BTS Pictures

After the infamous split of the all-girl-group Fifth Harmony, its members are launching their own solo careers. The first to split-Camila Cabello is already a major breakthrough artists and Lauren Jauregui released her debut solo single “More Than That” just last week. Normani, while appearing for this sexy photoshoot for Billboard Cover Shoot for January 2019 issue, also confessed that new solo music is coming from her camp.

In the same interview, Normani went on to talk about herself, whom she relates more with? Beyonce or Kelly Rowland? and plans for her future;

“I see myself performing at the Grammys, travelling the world with my family. I want to meet all my fans across the world. There’s so many places I have yet to go to. I’m like, ‘Oh, wow, I really do have fans there. People know who Normani is?’ I want to have the clothing line. Hopefully, I go into fragrance. I want to cross over into film and acting. That’s a victory in my mind. I want to open dance schools.”


Normani looks to conquer the world-as a musician and as an entrepreneur. She definitely has the right skill set for this.

Normani also mentioned about Fifth Harmony’s split after Camila’s leave;

“For us to all be able to go out, create, pursue our own solo endeavors, which is what we had been trying to pursue since we were babies in diapers. The idea was always to be solo.”


During the interview, Normani also mentioned that her new LP album is in the making. She will most likely plan to release it in the latter half of 2019. This would mean that we could expect a single or two by Normani towards mid-2019.

Besides these sassy and witty comments by Normani, she also posed for a photoshoot to be featured on Billboard magazine January 2019 issue. Below are some of the pictures from the photoshoot and some behind the scenes stills.

Do let us know what you think about Normani and her upcoming solo career. What are your expectations for the new album? Comment below.

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