jaden smith A Calabasas Freestyle music video

Jaden Smith Drops “A Calabasas Freestyle” Video; Flaunts Skating Skills

Jaden Smith returns to music in 2019 with a brand new music video for his 2018 hit “A Calabasas Freestyle.” The song appeared in the 20-year-old rapper’s late 2018 release ‘The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story’ mixtape. If you do decide to watch this video, fair warning; there is a lot of staking involved and the Jaden kid is pretty good at it.

The Paulo Torres and Christopher Bruno directed video, contains a lot of free-form lifestyle much suited to the ‘freestyle’ theme of the song. ‘Calabasas’ is a city in Los Angeles, California where Jaden Smith is based on. The songs flaunts the rapper’s self-made riches that he enjoys.

“Young boys lyin’ on they records (Whoo)
Baby if I say I got the cash, it’s a factual sentence”

Jaden Smith/A Calabasas Freestyle

Jaden Smith is the song of popular actor, singer and producer Will Smith. So it is unclear as to how factual Jaden Smith is when he says “Fuck it, I’m blasted, I’m reckless (Oh shit)/With no actual past, it’s impressive…” He is implying that he is responsible for his name in music. But surely, some of Will Smith rubbed off on him at some point! However, to Jaden’s credit, we have almost never heard Jaden mentioning his father to get credit on his tracks.

Watch “A Calabasas Freestyle” Music Video by Jaden Smith

Last year, we also got music videos for “Batman” and “The Passion” from his 2017 album ‘Syre.’

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