miley cyrus zoe kravitz play strip poker in bitch music video

Watch Miley Cyrus and Zoe Kravitz Play Strip Poker in “B*tch” Music Video

Miley Cyrus and Zoe Kravitz are two of the most sexually open musicians in the game today. Going through Miley Cyrus’s Instagram one can find many sexually suggestive and semi-naked pictures. And she has done countless naked photoshoots for magazines and is an active member of #FreeTheNipple movement on Instagram. Zoe Kravitz (LolaWolf) is again pretty much very comfortable with her body as she has done several fully nude photoshoots herself. Zoe’s new music video “Bitch” is a testament to these two artists’ openness (or anything else you want to call it).

“Bitch” song is from LOLAWOLF’s debut LP ‘Calm Down’. The song features Miley Cyrus and Zoe clad in very little clothes (lingerie at times), showing a lot of skin, taking pictures of each other and smoking too. So fair warning of explicit content ahead.

Watch “Bitch” Music Video by LOLAWOLF

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So much booty and underwear, we can’t really pay attention to the lyrics of the song. Towards the end of the music video we see Miley Cyrus and Zoe Kravitz play strip poker.

What do you think about this new music video? Did Miley and Zoe went a little overboard with it? Or are they free to express themselves? Leave a comment.

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