Boogie Collabs with Eminem for “Rainy Days” Single (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

The Compton based 29-year-old rapper-Boogie released his debut studio album ‘Everythings for Sale’ on January 25, 2019. He is signed to Shady Records–a partnership of Eminem and it comes as little surprise that Boogie got a boost by Eminem on the album, on a track titled “Rainy Days.”

“Rainy Days” is the 8th track on the 13-track album released yesterday. Both the rappers are heard singing about their careers in the present day. Boogie with his debut studio album and Eminem with 10 studio albums, might have very different opinions of the industry and career highlights.

On ‘Everythings for Sale’ album, Boogie taps in 6LACK, Christian Scott and Snoh Aalegra for other collaborations. Boogie talked about the album in an interview with AllHipHop;

“It’s a real reflective type album where I really attack my flaws. I usually make albums and I’ll be talking about my flaws, but with this one, I feel like I really acknowledge the bullshit I be on. Hopefully it makes people do the same.”


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‘Rainy days’ is a popular metaphor for difficult times. Hence, the song builds around the development of the artists through rough times.

Boogie’s “Rainy Days” Lyrics Explained

In the chorus of the track, we hear Boogie confessing about his journey so far. He says that he has been ‘thugging’ through his difficult times. One could surrender and let fate lead the way, or toughen up and carve their own destiny. Boogie knows he has not seen the last of his rough waters. Hence, he is not ready to give up on his thug-life attitude towards challenges. His only worry is that his name will fade away in the history.

In the first verse of “Rainy Days,” Boogie lays out his journey and ups and downs so far. Seems as if he has gone through a few relationships and he is smart enough not to call any of them back. He wishes for a woman as thick as his skin, so that she would stay by his side no matter how tough the situations get.

Boogie pays a lot of homage to Eminem with the phrase “em’ in his verse. He starts off the verse by shouting out to the legends and G.O.A.Ts of the hip hop game. But he continues to rap that he doesn’t necessarily like them. He would rather kill them all and “wear ’em as coats.” Seeking salvation under the wings of Eminem? Boogie also drops in the name ‘Slim Shady’ which is Eminem’s most famous alter-ego.

Boogie also talks about being signed on to Shady Records run by Eminem. He says Em has taken in a lot of different races under the record label.

When it comes to Eminem’s verse on “Rainy Days,” the Detroit MC goes into a ballistic mode to rap about his legacy. He snaps back at anyone who thinks his legacy has been downgraded with the last few albums he has released. There have been quite a few uproars about 2017 album ‘Revival’ and 2018 album ‘Kamikaze‘ albums not living up to the expectations.

Eminem also talks about the constant demand to bring back Slim Shady persona. He sounds almost convincing that we will not hear Slim Shady again. However, he did go ballistic on his ‘Kamikaze’ album which became the best selling album of 2018. Em says this album was fueled by Dr. Dre telling him to “rock the boat.”

Eminem ensures that nothing will put him down again. He says that he has a fighter’s mentality–which is to get up everytime he gets knocked down. In this light, we can expect Eminem to bounce back with more music in 2019!

Boogie and Eminem drops some interesting facts about themselves in the new song “Rainy Days.” Eminem sure has been having a hailstorm to live in, in the past few years. But the ‘Rap God’ is nowhere close to being done.

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Complete Lyrics to “Rainy Days” by Boogie and Eminem

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