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Marshmello Joins Fortnite for First Ever Virtual Concert: Watch

Marshmello becomes the first ever artist to host a virtual concert with a virtual attendance. This is the first time such a real-world-virtual-world cross interaction has happened in a public scale. And this Fortnite concert is one of the largest concerts to ever be held-virtual or real.

The concert took place on Saturday, Jan 2nd, within Epic Games’ Fortnite virtual world. The survival and battle royal genre game already has over a 125 million players around the world. And most of these fans joined the live concert that took place last night.

The Marshmello Fortnite concert happened in the game’s ‘Pleasant Park.’ Marshmello played some of his biggest hits such as “Alone,” “Gassed Up,” “Check This Out,” “Happier,” “Fly,” “Everyday,” “Colours” and more.

Marshmello playing his songs in Fornite game (Image Credits: junkee)

Marshmello took to Twitter to announce this historic moment. “We made history,” he wrote, and his name trended during the show. Marshmello is also known to be an avid Fortnite fan.

Along with this event, Epic Games released a Marshmello in-game skin, emotes and a special ‘Marshy Smasher’ pickaxe. Many of the fans were seen in the new Marshmello skin to attend this concert.

Get a taste of how the concert happened in the video below.

Marshmello was over-excited after the concert and he went on a Tweet-spree.

Seems like this will be a trend in the future. Hopefully, more artists will join live concerts inside Fortnite. This will be top-up bonus for the already viral gaming sensation that is Fortnite.

What do you think about this concert? Which artist do you want to see next? Drop a comment below.

You can find the free game here.

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