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Kanye West Joins the Sunday Service, Sings “Jesus Walks” with Choir (Watch)

Kanye West may be one of the most controversial rappers ever, but he certainly has a way of winning people back.

On Sunday, March 10, 2019, the West family attended an open-air Sunday Service and Mr. West went on to perform one of his hits for the attendees. Kanye West performed “Jesus Walks,” the fourth single off of his debut studio album ‘College Dropout’ released in 2004. However, the song was initially released on his 36-track mixtape ‘Get Well Soon…’ released in 2002.

“Jesus Walks” gained a wide recognition among the Christian community as it seemed to endorse the belief. The song became Gold certified in sales and won the Grammy award for ‘Best Rap Song’ in 2005. ‘College Dropout’ album won the Grammy for ‘Best Rap Album’ the same year.

The song seems to say that even though difficult times ponder upon the singer, he will have his faith with him that ‘Jesus walks‘ with him in his journey. “But I’ll be gone ’til November, I got packs to move,” sings Kanye West indicating that he has to make a living first, be it moving drugs, until November and in December he will clean his act to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The song goes on to say that no matter how much of a bad person you are, Jesus has in his nature to forgive you for your sins if you promise to make yourself a better person.

The choir and everybody else in attendane were dressed in all white,a nd Kanye West in beige sweater and white pants for this Sunday Service.

Mrs. Kardashian West tweeted a video snippet of the performance. In this snippet we hear the choir singing “we goin’, we goin’, we goin’, we goin’ to take it to the stars,” a new bridge unheard on the original track before.

A better version was recorded by DJ Pharris and Tweeted by XXL Magazine.

Kanye West cannot stay off media, and this time for a good cause. What do you think? Drop a comment below.

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