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(Pics) Taylor Swift Wore a Gorgeous Dress, Made Friends and Danced at Time 100 Gala Party

Taylor Swift is good company at a party. Looking at her highschool days, this statement would have been laughed upon as many of her songs suggest how unpopular she was back then. But now, fast forward 5 multi-platinum albums later, Taylor Swift is the most discussed topic in music.

Time magazine hosts an annual gala party filled with musicians and their live acts. At this event, Time magazine announces its annual list of ‘100 most influential people in the world’ for that specific year. In 2019 edition, Taylor Swift herself was inducted into this coveted list for outstanding contribution to music and her entrepreneurial senses which makes her one of the best-selling acts of all-time.

In this year’s 100 most influential people of the world, Taylor Swift is among the coveted company of the likes of Michelle Obama, Spike Lee, Imran Khan, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed, Pope Francis, Donald Trump, Rami Malek, Khalid, Dwayne Johnson, Emilia Clarke, Ariana Grande, Ozuna and more.

See the pictures below of Taylor Swift wearing a gorgeous pastel flower design gown to attend the Time 100 Gala party 2019 underway right now.

Taylor Swift fluanted her gorgeous pastel flowery gown at the red carpet to the Time 100 Gala party.

On top of these, we also saw Taylor Swift making friends with Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones TV series-Emilia Clarke thanks to keen eyes of Swifties in attendance.

Taylor Swift also met Khalid and danced to his performance of “Young Dumb.”

Taylor Swift also chatted up the Avengers: Endgame star Brie Larson, also a nominee for Time’s 100 Most Influential People of the World list for 2019.

Best of all, Taylor Swift also performed a track from her old archives-“Style” acoustically. Watch below.

The second song on the acoustic guitar was “Delicate.”

Next, Taylor Swift went to the old archives to perform a piano version of “Love Story.”

The next song on the piano was “New Year’s Day” which she described as a song about the kind of people you want around you–to clean up the party afterwards.

Lastly Taylor Swift went back to the acoustic guitar for a sizzling performance of “Shake It Off.”

Watch the full performance below.


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