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Camila Cabello Premiers “Real Friends” with Swae Lee (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Camila’s solo career has been one glorious ride with singles such as “Havana,” “Never Be the Same,” “Sangria Wine” and more blowing up largely around the world. Now, let us add the latest single “Real Friends (Remix)” to the same list. The latest track, however, is vastly different from her previous hits which were fast-paced and hot. “Real Friends” take a more of a slow tempo with a bit of soul. The original song appears in Camila’s self-titled first solo studio album.

Although it might seem that “Real Friends” is a blowout at her ex-group Fifth Harmony, Camila has confirmed that the song is not about that at all. The song is merely about how lonely she feels in L.A. despite being one of the busiest cities in the world.

Hopefully, there will be a music video for “Real Friends” coming soon. The cover art on the single is a hand drawing by Camila’s younger sister Sofia Cabello. The cover art shows several monsters chasing behind two people whom could be Camila and Swae.

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Camila Cabello first premiered “Real Friends” live at Lollapalooza 2018.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Real Friends”

Verse 1

Los Angeles has not been kind to Camila. Ever since she became a solo artist, she has been focused on her musical career. We believe this might have led to her having very little time for socializing. So, it comes as little surprise when she confesses that she felt alone in this big city.

She calls L.A. a ‘paper town.’ A paper town is a cold, colorless and lifeless place. This is how Camila felt about L.A. In an interview she said that L.A. was all about work and business. Everybody she met was in the industry and they were not the easiest to make friends with.


These lyrics of “Real Friends” is a rant about how she has no real friends in this cold L.A. city. She believes that every person she has let in her life has somehow let her down. She even goes so far as to say that she needs to get out of L.A. soon.

Verse 2

Swae Lee performs the second verse of “Real Friends” remix.

Swae Lee speaks about how to find your real friends. He talks about letting friends in slow so that you can see through them and their intentions easily. Swae also raps about how money attracts fake people. Both Camila and Swae are roughly valued at around $6 million each. So, it won’t be a surprise if they make a lot of friendly faces in search of cash.


These lyrics speak about how Camila just wants to have a real conversation with someone whom she could call a real friend. She could share her dreams and demons that bothers her. She could share her feelings. Her popularity seems to be attracting a lot of fake friends whom just wants to brush off of her fame. So, Camila prefers to run away to a place where nobody knows her.

This confessional song “Real Friends” is a look into Camila’s life in the big city as a solo artist. However, the song is a beautiful work of art and it stands out in the album.

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Full Lyrics to “Real Friends (Remix)” by Camila Cabello and Swae Lee


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