BROCKHAMPTON – DEARLY DEPARTED (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Dearly Departed” is the seventh track on the rap collective Brockhampton’s fifth studio album titled ‘Ginger.’ The song was released along with the album release on August 23, 2019.

In “Dearly Departed,” the rappers seem to be talking about the departure of the founding member Ameer Vann from the Brockhampton group and how it impacted each member of the group. Four rappers provide vocals on this track, on three verses and a chorus.

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In the first verse by Kevin Abstract, he talks about the devastating impact that has caused by the departure of Ameer Van from the group. From a personal standpoint and to the group, it is a significant loss. Kevin also sings that he would not have it any other way still. He recalls their last album earning them millions while Ameer was still in the group and he calls it all a lie.

Deeply disturbed by his partner’s misconducts and lies, Kevin promises himself to only speak the truth to make up for the mistakes of the former member.

On the second verse by Matt Champion, he raps that truths were stretched longer than the Nile. Nile River is the longest river in the world, and the facts that Ameer laid before them were far from the truth. He also tributes his late grandfather Rocko Ray Reeder in his verse.

Dom McLennon, in the third verse, spills out the incidents surrounding one of his friends getting robbed. After Ameer’s departure, he has confessed that it was he who aided the robbery of Dom’s friend’s house. He says the truth hit him like a dagger to the spine. He ends “Dearly Departed” by making a firm stance that Ameer has no place in Brockhampton again. They suggest he go talk to God because the rap group is done listening to his lies.

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