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Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Is Headed to 1 Million Sales Mark In Opening Week

Taylor Swift is at the peak of fame and fortune at the moment. She is on everything, from talk shows to reality shows and magazine covers. What could get bigger? Yes, her album. “1989” is headed to make history. Taylor has been promoting her album on all types of social media and mass media and the results are starting to show up. According Nielsen SoundScan ‘1989’ is headed towards the coveted 1 Million sales in first week title.

Should ‘1989’ hit 1 million sales in the opening week, this will be Taylor’s third album to reach this honor and only the 19th album to do so since 1991 when SoundScan started.

The 1989 album (deluxe edition for that matter) got leaked on the Internet just days before the official album release. This may have affected the sales levels slightly. The Swifties were in full defense mode, refraining from listening to the leak and waiting out the few days to buy the album. Even JustRandomThings reported why you should not download the leak.

Buy Taylor Swift’s 1989 here: Amazon / iTunes

1989 album marks a transformation in Taylor Swift’s career. So reaching a million ‘official’ sales in the opening week is a huge achievement. If we look at the torrent download, we can easily add another 1 million to the total ‘downloads’ figure.

Both previous albums of Taylor Swift reached 1 million sales in the first week, Speak Now reaching 1.05 million copies and RED reaching 1.21 million copies.

However we will receive the official report from Nielsen SoundScan on coming Wednesday and it will say exactly whether the album has reached 1,000,000 sales or not. Given the pace at the album sells, it should not be a problem.

Taylor Swift also did a nice little trick to make the fans buy more than one copy. She has included a set of collectible Polaroids.

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