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Frank Ocean – In My Room (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“In My Room” is the second single off of Frank Ocean’s upcoming project which is yet to be unveiled. However, we are definitely seeing patterns of new music to be released.

Frank Ocean surprised the fans with a new song titled “DHL” last month and on November 3, 2019, he released the follow-up single “In My Room.” Both songs have different artworks which portrays 17 silhouettes poses. The first single had the fourth silhouette highlighted and the second single has the fifth silhouette highlighted. Is this a clear sign that Frank’s new project has 17 songs, or what?

“In My Room” is a dedication to the superstar lifestyle. Frank brags about his possessions and his sexual appetite in this song. Listen below.

Frank starts off a discussion about the events in his bedroom. Sleeper seats are the seats available in an airplane which enables the person to recline the seat and convert into a sleeping position. Granted, they are not the most comfortable way to get a shut-eye. Frank’s no longer in these sleeper seats class. He has upgraded to actual mattresses to sleep on. In an aircraft, this would be first class, as opposed to business class sleeper seats. His bedroom condition could be the same.

Frank Ocean also brings up about his lover–a person made for the lifestyle of Ocean. The lover has a taste and tolerance for the flashlight which is convenient for Frank given his popularity.

The singer describes his lust for life drawing similarities between the music industry and sex. Much like sex, the entry into the music game starts slow and passionately, like a first kiss. Once you have had the first kiss, next comes a passionate bite on each other. It is a mixture of pain and pleasure, and we are hooked. After that comes in the sharks for the big bites–the industry tries to swallow the artist in whole. In the game of sex, this is similar to the girl moving on like nothing happened between them. Frank calls the industry a ‘pit of snakes.’ Tones and I’s new 2019 hit single “Dance Monkey” also narrates a similar story.

Frank Ocean goes on to sing that there is no more privacy for him. Being an artist of the superstardom as Frank, he will not enjoy any freedom in public. He must be getting tired of it. But the next few lyrics of the verse is a question if what he gives up is worth what he gains!

Frank Ocean showing his Richard Mille wrist watch alongside the diamond bracelet (Image: Genius)

Frank Ocean sings about his Richard Mille RM 37-01 Automatic Kiwi wristwatch in “In My Room” lyrics. This is a high-end Swiss product with a limited edition stock produced in 2019 with a price tag ranging from $120,000 to $160,000. He also brags about the beautiful floral bracelet studded with 49 diamonds. In early days Frank was seen wearing a plastic bracelet with a floral design. This upgrade should have cost him a massive chunk of cash which he calls a ‘whopping’ amount.

The only verse on “In My Room” concludes with Frank describing how drugs feel on him. Poppers is an umbrella term used to refer to inhalant drug types. The most popular types are known to enhance the sex drive of the inhaler making it a popular choice among teens and elders alike. He describes the effects of these drugs; “Hands shaking, norepinephrine levels sky, rocket fuel.” Norepinephrine is a chemical in the brain acting as a hormone, which would also assist in the high sex drive. ‘Rocket fuel’ is likely a hint at his sexual appetite on these drugs. He admits that these drugs tend to provide the energy needed for a more pleasurable sexual experience.

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