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YUNGBLUD – Strawberry Lipstick | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Strawberry lipsticks seem to be making an entrance into music with ‘strawberry lipstick state of mind’ in Harry Style’s 2019 hit “Adore You” and to YUNGBLUD’s brand new single “Strawberry Lipstick.” YUNGBLUD really committed to the song by dyeing his hair red days before the release of the song.

“Strawberry Lipstick” is expected to be part of YUNGBLUD’s highly anticipated second studio album. This is the follow-up to his debut studio album ’21st Century Liability’ released in 2018.

Interestingly enough, the song kicks off with the line “This is a song about a person I love.” This is enough to spark many controversies about the intended of this song’s message. And the song is performed in present tense!

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“Straberry Lipstick” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review


The first line of the song explains what the song is about. It is about his current relationship–a girl with whom he is madly in love with, and she in return. She has a fiesty personality, which seems to be a little too high-octane even for the madness level of YUNGBLUD.

The latest contender for this song’s recipient, who also fits the profile, is singer Halsey, with whom YUNGBLUD had a relationship for 8 months, ending in October 2019. Both of them released a collaboration titled “11 Minutes” back in February 2019.

Verse 1

In the first verse of “Strawberry Lipstick,” the singer talks about his “toxic” personality which makes him very difficult to date. He admits to having very little self-control, and in need of a good cleansing to clean his soul.

‘Coming out of the closet’ is a phrase used to reference someone revealing their identity as LGBTQ+. YUNGBLUD seems to infer that no matter his gender identity, this girl makes him want to be straight.

Her fingers in his mouth, and him kneeling infront of her, draws a very clear picture of how the singer is completely out of self-control with this girl.


In the hook of the song, we hear the singer begging this girl to go easy on him. Presumably, this girl could even get this guy jump off a cliff is she wanted to. Love is strong and blind!

Verse 2

The second verse of the song further elaborates on how the singer is losing his head over this girl. A perfect example is when he cannot even tell the time on his wall clock; “ten seconds past five o’clock.” It is not the norm to read the seconds on the clock!

The real meaning behind the phrase ‘strawberry lipstick’ unravels halfway through the second verse.

She’s gonna suck on my strawberry lipstick

It is also not the norm to suck or eat cosmetic products…!

However, her fierce love might end up numbing YUNGBLUD of all his senses. The electricity between the two is so high that his heart skips a beat, too frequent and he cannot even breathe regularly.

In the outro of the song, Dom fully succums to this girl by offering everything he has to her.

Who do you think this song is about? And what do you think this song means? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. tbh i thinkthe song is about halsey considering her and dom have been talking more and she broke up with even peters id hope it it abt halsey

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