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WhoHeem – Let’s Link | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Yet another song has been gaining a lot of traction in the past week thanks to the micro-video sharing platform TikTok. California-based rapper WhoHeem‘s latest release “Let’s Link” is the latest musical sensation on TikTok.

The song has over 1,000 TikTok recreations on the platform with over 19 million combined views among those. The usual choreography on the videos includes lip-syncing of the video in front of a background of one or more of their favorite persons (eg: girlfriends, boyfriends, celebrities, etc.). Check out the videos on TikTok.

“Let’s Link” sings about ‘connecting’ with a girlfriend/boyfriend even though they could be taken by their partners. But there isn’t necessarily poor treatment if you link up with WhoHeem, because he promises to treat her like ‘monarchy.’

Watch “Let’s Link” Video by WhoHeem

On the chorus of the track, WhoHeem invites this girl to slide out with him and ‘link’ up. The word ‘link’ is usually a reference to getting in touch with one another, but the song delivers a sexual undertone in it. But it’s not all dirty, as the rapper promises to treat the girl like monarchy.

On the only verse of the song, things get a whole lot raunchy. WhoHeem talks about classy women whom he is after. Prada wearing, not basic, nails done, and confident are these women. In this light, its an accomplishment for the rapper that these girls are after him. These are the kind of women that men fall crumbling down for. According to WhoHeem, this girl’s ex-boyfriend sais he loves her on their first date. Ouch!

When you find yourself a good woman, keep her! And watch out for all the links that might come towards her!

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