Taylor Swift performing at 2013 Victoria's Secrets Fashion show

Taylor Swift Will Be Performing “Style” and “Blank Space” at Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show

In an earlier post we discussed the arrival of Taylor Swift in London in preparation for the upcoming Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show 2014. She was out shopping and took some pictures with the VS angels. That was all good and well. The real question was what would she be performing at the fashion show?! That was yesterday and in a few hours Taylor dropped some hints about her performance and everything is a little more clearer now.

Taylor Swift Drops Some Hints about Songs She is Performing at Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show

She posted these pictures on her Instagram and Facebook profiles.


This picture was accompanied with the caption “Wonder what I’ll be singing at the VS Fashion Show tomorrow…”


Then this picture was accompanied with the caption “Tomorrow. #VSfashionshow”


Third and final picture of the hints and was captioned “Or maybe even………… #VSfashionshow”

So the first two photos hint of a “Blank Space” performance and it is going to be awesome. Don’t know whether she will go to the full extreme of her “crazy girlfriend” performance at the Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show since it would steal the spotlight from the models. But it will be an electrifying performance nonetheless.

And the second song she hinted was “Style” and I’m really excited for this performance.

Really want to see a Taylor-Karlie or Kaylor moment during the fashion show. One thing is quite sure–Taylor Swift will steal the spotlight at the fashion show eventhough she intends or not.

Tune into CBS on December 9 at 10PM to watch the Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show 2014.

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