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“FourFiveSeconds” Music Video Is Coming Up from R8 Album

Rihanna gave all of us a peek into the first single off of upcoming ‘R8’ album. “FourFiveSeconds” is actually an unexpected twist from Rihanna. It was an acoustic track featuring Kanye West and the great Sir Paul McCartney, who delivers a soothing guitar piece.

Listen to FourFiveSeconds audio

“FourFiveSeconds” is the first audio we get to listen from Rihanna’s newest album ‘R8’ and the “FourFiveSeconds” music video will be the first visuals we will see off the album. Well, after this behind the scenes video it.

Watch Behind The Scenes Video of “FourFiveSeconds” Music Video

Rihanna whispers information about the upcoming music video.

“This is the first song that my fans are going to hear from the new album, and the first visual that they see.”


Apparently, Kanye West had a lot to do with the fashion of “FourFiveSeconds” music video. Mr. West came up with the classic all-American fashion style, featuring denims. We know Kanye had been quite involved with his wife’s fashion life and looks like he has picked up a thing or two.

"FourFiveSeocnds" music video behind the scenes
Taking tips from Mr. West on the wardrobe for “FourFiveSeconds” music video

“Kanye came up with the idea of doing just some real street denim all American type look.”

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"FourFiveSeconds" music video
Paul McCartney, Rihanna and Kanye West shooting the “FourFiveSeconds” music video.

“This is actually his jacket that is some Sean John throwback Vintage jacket that is fu–ing major. That’s the look, that’s the fashion tip. Denim never goes out of style; it’s classic, it’s iconic — just like the fu–ing Beatles.”


That’s Riri’s way of giving a shout out to the great Beatles. LOL. She is fierce!

However, there is no estimated time of arrival for the “FourFiveSeconds” music video, and we believe it will be sooner than later. Because, honestly, Rihanna has depraved us long enough without her music. Fans need some Riri music, fast.

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