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“Gangnam Style” Star PSY Has a New Music Video Out “Father”

We all remember how “Gangnam Style” took the whole world in a tidal wave of craziness with the highly addictive lyrics, beats and that dance–that dance was danced all around the world in nearly every part for about a year. The South Korean singer PSY became a worlwide hit overnight and he still rides that wave of success that started back in 2012. “Gangnam Style” is the most watched music video on YouTube to date, with over 2.2 billion views as of now.

However, PSY has released a new music video for a track titled “Father”, which looks like a nice tribute to the singer’s father. The music video is animated and shows different milestones of a child and how his father is right there beside him at every step of the way. It could be PSY’s story after all.

Watch PSY’s New Music Video for “Father”

I have no clue what the lyrics exactly say. If we have a South Korean fan, please leave a comment with the overall meaning behind the song.

Enjoy the new track by PSY.

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