kanye west midas touch snippet

Listen to a Snippet of “Midas Touch” by Kanye West

All of a sudden a new piece of Kanye West music has surfaced online. We don’t know the source of this ‘leak’, but it is a track titled “Midas Touch”, and it has the classic Kanye-dope-touch.

Last month there were reports that Kanye’s personal laptop got stolen in France, which apparently had the full (or work in progress) of Kanye West’s upcoming album music. So it would not be a surprise if the full ‘So Help Me God’ album leaks in the future. We hope it doesn’t.

“Midas Touch” has a nice beat that continues throughout the 2 minute snippet.

Listen to a Snippet of “Midas Touch” by Kanye West


It is not clear if this track is from ‘So Help Me God’ or from the recording sessions Kanye did with Rihanna recently, working on her upcoming album ‘R8’. The amount of Rihanna shout-outs in “Midas Touch” raises serious concern towards this argument. Only time will tell what this is all about.

“New Rihanna in the front”

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