taylor swift hot lingerie pics for vanity fair 2015

(Pictures) Taylor Swift In Hot Lingerie for Vanity Fair 2015

Taylor Swift is better known for her singing talents. But she can be a gorgeous model without even trying. She may be an innocent Country star, gone Pop, but she has the modeling talents of a veteran. We don’t see her modeling talents often. But when we do, it’s quite the sight.

Taylor Swift appeared for a photoshoot for Vanity Fair September 2015 issue and she was dressed in a sexy attire. Her eyes, hair, red lips and long legs were highlighted from this photoshoot.

Take a look at the pictures below.

Doesn’t she look hot and gorgeous at the same time? The last picture even shows a hint of the (not so) mysterious Taylor Swift belly button.

If you want the collection of pictures make sure to grab a copy of Vanity Fair magazine September 2015 issue. Stay tuned in for more Taylor Swift hotness.

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