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Desiigner Shouts Out to Drake and Rihanna in “Holy Ghost” Single (Review)

Desiigner released a new track on his SoundCloud profile titled “Holy Ghost” and it’s pretty sick. The usual Desiigner-special energetic beat plays on while he raps on some fire lines. The “Panda” singer also gives a shout out to Drake and his ex-Rihanna.

Rihanna reference on “Holy Ghost:”

I’ma fuck on Rihanna, put her all in designer

Desiigner says he will be competing with the likes of Rihanna in the hip hop/rap game. It takes a lot of guts to even say that aloud. And he will cover her in designer clothes. The word ‘designer’ here plays a dual role-referring to designer clothes as well as the singer himself.

Drake reference:

Shout out to Drake to get more life

Desiigner even sends prayers toward late Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson who was a MMA fighter who passed away in 2016 due to a heart failure.

Listen to “Holy Ghost” by Desiigner

“Holy Ghost” is definitely not your typical Panda-Desiigner. The track has a personal touch as well as some raw lyrics. The song basically talks about how the singer made out to the spotlights from doing small projects in the basement.

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