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It’s All About Love in “Glorious” Music Video by Macklemore (Review)

Macklemore released his latest single “Glorious” a couple weeks ago, featuring Skylar Grey and we knew it was an instant hit. The song spoke about how he feels blessed to have achieved his dream. It also says where he came from, what it took for him to get to where he is and how he thinks it’s all because of God. However, he puts a complete twist on the music video. The entire video is dedicated to Ben’s grandmother who is celebrating her 100th birthday this year and she looks young as ever. That family is truly blessed.

“for my grandma Helen’s 100th birthday, I flew down to California to surprise her…”

That is the start of the video which then goes on to show how Ben spent an entire day with her doing what she loved to do-everything from egging houses, shopping, playing video games, cutting the birthday cake and finally watching the sunset with Ben. It all looks perfect.

Watch “Glorious” Music Video by Macklemore

We also did a lyrics review of the song in case you are interested.

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The entire music video is filled with love and we can see that Helen really does enjoy her grandson’s company. Ben looks like the perfect grandson too. Macklemore has always said how his grandma believed in him and his passion when no one else did. So this “Glorious” music video is kind of a veiled ‘thank you’ for her.

We love this sweet gesture done by Ben, and this could be the only music video dedicated to a grandmother in recent music history. That makes it oh so special.

The lyrics are beautifully written and now it has a beautiful video. This song is the complete package. What is your opinion on “Glorious” by Macklemore and Skylar Grey? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy 100th birthday Helen! :*

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