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Ed Sheeran Releases Enchanting Lyric Video for “Perfect” Single

There is an endless pile of amazing music from Ed Sheeran starting from his first studio album ‘+’ from 2011 and even before that in ‘The Orange Room EP’ from 2005. And us fans could not possibly pick a favorite song out from this list, because they are equally great. So, if you ask Ed Sheeran himself what he thinks is his best work, the chances are he would say “Perfect” from his latest album ‘Divide.’ Why? Read below.

On September 22, the lyric video for “Perfect” was released by Ed Sheeran through his social media accounts and on Facebook he captioned the release as follows;

“Perfect will be the next single from ÷ it’s the song I’m most proud of, I think it’s the best song I’ve ever written! Share and enjoy the lyric video x”

There you go! When “Perfect” was first released on album earlier this year, we reviewed the song’s lyrics and meaning, and ran a poll on to determine if this song was, in fact, the fan favorite as well. So far, out of 1400 responses 80% thinks this is the best work of Ed Sheeran so far. What do you think?

Watch “Perfect” Lyric Video by Ed Sheeran

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The lyric video for “Perfect” tells an adorable story, that all of us love birds want to achieve at some point in their love lives. Dancing in the dark, barefoot, to their favorite music, while the soft raindrops caress your sole and you feel her breath on your chest and nothing else in the world but you two!

The two people in this song are infatuated with each other and their romance is on high gear. Even when things are not all “dancing in the moonlight-good” still their love has not died on each other. They support each other and they grow together. And that is the best kind of love.

What did you think about the “Perfect” lyric video? We think it suites this amazing song very well. Let us know your opinions in the comments below and share this article with your Sheerio friends.

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