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Joe Budden Responds to Eminem’s Diss: Says He is Better Than Eminem

Joe Budden used his recent podcast to address Eminem who had a lot to say about Budden in the new album ‘Kamikaze.’

The release date of the ‘Kamikaze‘ album on August 31st, might not be a “surprise” at all. Joe Budden celebrated his 38th birthday on August 31, 2018.

In this podcast, Joe Budden says that he has been better than Eminem in the last decade. He adds that Eminem has not ‘said’ anything in the last decade, rather than spit some ‘rhyming’ words.

Joe Budden calls himself a ‘content rapper’ focusing on the message of the rap than flow or rhymes. As per Budden, Eminem has not even come par to his skills on this element in the last few albums.

Watch Joe Budden Attack Eminem on New Podcast

Budden does accept that Eminem was lyrically and content-wise profound and better than Budden at one stage. But he believes that Eminem is trying to make a comeback from ‘retirement.’ He also says that he lives for “beefs” and “disses.”

Finally, Budden goes on to say that he feels like he “is in control of the rules here.” But knowing Eminem, there will be no rules should he chose to reply to this.

It is evident that songs on Eminem’s new album such as “The Ringer,” “Not Alike” and “Kamikaze” have hit hard on Budden and Machine Gun Kelly.

Let us wait to see if Eminem will take on MGK, 6ix9ine and Joe Budden in one or more diss tracks in the days to come.

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